Forex Grinder Features...

Next Generation Market Grinding Algorithm

A vast array of features combined into one algorithm designed to grind the eurusd currency pair like never before. We are talking about combining an advance market timing strategy, with ADX trend indicating, and MFI trend indicating technology to produce the ultimate forex grinding expert advisor that just destroys the EURUSD!

MFI Trend Indicator - The MFI (Money Flow Index) compares the value traded on up-days to value traded on down-days and anticipates trend weakness and any points of reverse shift. It is a volume-weighted variant of the Relative Strength Index. This powerful, built-in indicator helps provide long-term consistent profitability through even the worst trends.

ADX Trend Indicator -The ADX is a momentum indicator that tries to measure the strength of the trend in attempt to determine a potential market trend or if itís in sideways movement. The ADX is based in comparison of two other directional indicators developed by Wilder; Positive Directional Indicator (+DI) and the Negative Directional Indicator (-DI) to produce ADX as showed in the following formula:

ADX = SUM[(+DI-(-DI))/(+DI+(-DI)), N]/N ..............Where: N: The period of calculation.

Automatic broker recognition - Whether your broker is a 4 or 5 digit broker, it doesn't matter. Forex Grinder will automatically adjust it's settings internally to accommodate what ever type of broker you are on.

All Account Sizes Support - Whether you have a standard, mini or micro account, Forex Grinder will support you.

Money Manager - A smart money manager that increases your trade sizes as your equity grows.

Profitability Factor - Unlike most expert advisors out there, Forex Grinder uses a close Take profit to Stop loss ratio to prevent huge drawdowns. So instead of wiping out a days, even a weeks worth of profits like some expert advisors do, Forex Grinder will only set you back less than two trades worth of profit if it hits it's stop loss. A feature like this has never been done this well while still being able to provide consistent profits like we have with Forex Grinder!

These are just some of the features built into the all new Forex Grinder.


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